To obtain a representative overview of egg quality, a random sample of eggs for breakout tests is required. These should be taken at random from each incoming and outgoing batch and should cover differences in farm of origin, flock, age, house, breed, feed and other variables such as production systems.

The number of eggs taken at random for a QA test from the incoming batch largely depends on the size of the batch, the frequency of the eggs from this source and any previously known quality information.

To obtain a meaningful statistical result on quality, samples should be taken on a weekly basis for the best information or on a fortnightly basis as the second option. For the most meaningful results a test at least 30 eggs is required.

Our products enable the following measurements to be made:

* In order to make combined measurements and those of Albumen Height, Haugh Unit, Yolk Colour or Shell Density a combination of instruments interfaced to either the QCD or QCM+ would be required. Standalone measurements can only be made for the following quality characteristics.